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Our Bakery

We are open Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am to 3pm. We close on Bank holidays.

Hickey’s Barm Brack

Hickey’s Barm Brack is a traditional, handmade, yeast-risen fruit loaf. In Irish, it is known as báirín breac – ‘speckled loaf’ – because of the way the rich, sweet dough is laden with juicy sultanas and cherries.

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Made in small batches, it is deliciously moist and packed with fruit and flavour. It keeps well and is best stored in an airtight tin.

Barm Brack listed as… “Top 500 food experiences in The Lonely Planet Guide“.

Serving Suggestions

Barm Brack is traditionally served spread with real butter, and is also delicious toasted. Take some time to taste it with a cup of tea, coffee – or even a little drop of whiskey. In the unlikely event that you have some leftovers, it makes a superb Brack and Butter Pudding.
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Hickey’s Famous Barm Brack

Established by my great grandfather Eamon Hickey in 1900, four generations of the Hickey family have baked Barm Brack at our bakery beside the historic West Gate in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. In 1929, my grandfather John Hickey was awarded a Diploma in Excellence for his Brack and, with the help of my father Eddie Hickey, its fame spread far and wide. Since then our customers have enjoyed it in Clonmel, as well as sending it to their loved ones abroad.

“We are proud that our traditional and well-loved Barm Brack has
become known as a local food treasure. It’s a real taste of home.”

– Nuala Hickey


Barm Brack

as featured in Lonely Planets Top 500 Food Experiences

Donal Skehan visits our Bakery & Café

Clonmel has become synonymous with Barm Brack

Food Hero Donal Skehan travelled down to enjoy some Barm Brack from Hickey’s Bakery, where we make this traditional Irish fruit loaf with our unique family recipe passed down through four generations of bakers here in Clonmel.

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We pride ourselves on not only the amazing food but the whole experience.


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